An Amazon warehouse in Leipzig, Germany

Amazon's 6 000 new jobs in Europe

Amazon announced that it created 6,000 new full-time positions in Europe in 2014 to respond to booming demand across the continent. The US online retailer now employs 32,000 permanent staff across the EU.

The new jobs were created in its logistics centres, customer service, software development, supply chain management and design.

"We are still in a phase of investment and look forward to being able to fill more positions in 2015," said Xavier Garambois, Amazon vice president for EU retail, adding that customer demand in Europe is bigger than ever.

One-thousand-two-hundred of the new jobs were in Germany, the company’s second-biggest market after the US, where it employs 10,000 warehouse staff plus over 10,000 casual seasonal workers. The UK had the second-highest number of new positions, with the rest spread across other EU countries.

Despite Amazon’s success in Germany, the company has been subjected to a series of strikes over pay and working conditions. The trade union Verdi has organised numerous strikes since May 2013 in an attempt to force the retailer to raise pay for warehouse workers in accordance with collective bargaining agreements across Germany’s mail order and retail industry.

Amazon has consistently rejected the union's demands, saying it regards warehouse staff as logistics workers who receive above-average pay by the standards of that industry.

The announcement about 2014’s jobs creation comes in the same week that the online retailer is celebrating winning its first major entertainment awards for a show exclusive to its Amazon Prime Instant Video online streaming service. 

'Transparent', a series about a divorced parent who comes out as transgender to his three grown-up children, won a Golden Globe award for best TV comedy while the lead actor Jeffrey Tambor won best actor at the Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood.

Amazon also announced that Woody Allen will write and direct a television series for Prime. It will be Allen’s first-ever television series. The currently untitled season-length series will feature half-hour episodes and is set to debut on Amazon Prime Instant Video next year.

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