A Belgian company wants to launch the world's first space billboard - but who will actually see the messages?

Advertising enters space age

Belgian researchers are offering companies a chance to send their adverts to space in a bid to raise more funding for space research.

Although clearly not visible from the Earth’s surface, the team from the KU Leuven University believes it will attract interest from companies looking for innovative ways to promote their brand.

“We are talking about an out-of-this-world project, that allows companies to bring their brand into space,” said Tjorven Delabie, co-founder of SpaceBillboard.

“The idea is catching on, and SpaceBillboard has already secured a number of contracts for companies to have their message on their own billboard in space.”

Circling around the Earth at 27,400km/h, the messages will be at the same time displayed at SpaceBillboard’s website. However, SpaceBillboard says that instead of the actual advertising impact, the project will mostly allow companies to show their support for space research.

Squares on the SpaceBillboard, scheduled for launch in early 2016, will sell for €2,500 each. Private individuals will have the chance to send messages to space via the satellite, paying only €1 per character.

The CubeSat to carry the space billboard to orbit will have a regular scientific goal.

Circling the Earth in a highly inclined low-Earth orbit, the spacecraft will stay in space for ten years before re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

The satellite will circle the Earth 15 times a day at the altitude of 500km/h,

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