The screenshot of the #GOP after the Sony cyber-attack

Sony still struggling to recover after GOP cyber-attack

Sony Pictures Entertainment is still struggling to recover from an extensive cyber-attack with security experts dismissing the theory that North Korea is the culprit.

System restoration on Sony Pictures’ computers proved to be too difficult in some instances after being attacked with a complex data-wiping virus, according to a person with insight into Sony’s operations, while replacement computers were set up for some of the employees.

As E&T news reported earlier this week, the computer systems at the Sony subsidiary went down last Monday after displaying a red skull and the phrase 'Hacked By #GOP', which reportedly stands for Guardians of Peace.

Speculation online led some people to believe that North Korea might have been the culprit for the massive cyber-attack in retaliation for the new Sony film ‘The Interview’, in which the main characters are to assassinate the communist state’s leader Kim Jong Un.  

Lucas Zaichkowsky, a cyber-security expert, said that state-sponsored attackers are unlikely to create cool names for themselves like 'Guardians of Peace' and promote their activity to the public.   

“It would be unusual if North Korea was behind the breach,” added Darren Hayes, director of cyber-security at Pace University.

"If Kim Jong Un has developed his own rank-and-file cyber-attack unit, with sophisticated capabilities, then we should be very concerned."

The investigations, led by the FBI, are ongoing and multiple suspects are being considered. Joshua Campbell, spokesman for the FBI, gave no indication of whether North Korea or another country was behind the attack.

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