Public support for nuclear energy reaches new high

More than half of Britons have backed the use of nuclear power to provide energy across the UK, according to a poll by an energy watchdog.

The poll, commissioned by New Nuclear Watch Europe (NNWE), revealed that 58 per cent support nuclear power, with only 22 per cent of the people surveyed opposing it.

Tim Yeo, chairman of NNWE, said: "Nuclear power is part of the solution to the challenge faced by Britain today of providing secure, affordable, safe and greener energy and, as NNWE's new poll shows, we are very fortunate that people in Britain are more positive about nuclear power, indeed more than in many other countries.  

However, safety concerns still play an essential role in gaining people’s approval to build new nuclear power stations near to where they live. Of those polled 82 per cent think that the safe operation of new technologies could sway them in supporting or opposing such projects.

A track record of safe commercial use and job creation were also key criteria before nuclear companies could be permitted to build in the UK.

"The polling also demonstrates strong support for NNWE's principle of supportiveness, namely that companies or consortia delivering nuclear projects in Europe should be good neighbours and benefit local communities, particularly through the supply chain," Yeo added.

The research also showed that investing in nuclear power (23 per cent) has beaten alternative energy sources in popularity among British adults, such as solar (18 per cent) and wind (15 per cent) power as well as fracking (7 per cent) and coal (3 per cent).

NNWE is a newly-formed interest group which has been established to help ensure nuclear power meets the long-term energy needs of citizens across Europe.

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