Luminale festival of lighting culture in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

Photo essay: LED lighting catches the eye

LEDs are not just for Christmas.

A student wears her illuminated creation incorporating LED lights during the opening of the Luminale festival of lighting culture in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany.

London: Piccadilly’s famous advertising signs pay tribute to the fallen in the First World War on the centenary of Britain’s entry into the conflict.

Sami Gros developed equine LED safety lights after her horse was hit by a car. Called Tail Lights, they are highly visible, comfortable and can even be hosed down.

Energy-efficient LED lights on the Leonard P Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge in Boston, Massachusetts.

The famous Rockefeller Center Christmas tree with 45,000 multi-coloured LEDs, New York City.

The façade of the 38-storey Torre Agbar in Barcelona, Spain, incorporates 4,500 independently controllable RGB LED fittings to produce striking seasonal images.

Panasonic created an animated projection of a car for the LED Next Stage 2014 exhibition in Tokyo.

Endurance runners wearing bespoke LED light suits take part in ‘Speed of Light’ in Dortmund, Germany, in October 2013. The public arts event, created by Scottish group NVA, was based on the interation of movement, light and sound over specific terrain.

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