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Organic waste system to illuminate market

A new system powered by organic waste will generate electricity in a market in Mexico, it was announced.

Three Mexican entrepreneurs have designed a bio-digestion plant ready to be implemented in a central market in Mexico City due to the amount of waste generated. The plant is expected to process three to five tonnes of waste per day, operating non-stop, to illuminate the market.   

"The public markets are entities of economy for the city and main supply centres for poor people. However, they have weakened against major foreign consortia, which often define the price of commodities,” said Jahur Mojica, CEO of SUEMA, the company building the plant.

According to Mojica the novelty of the plant will attract more people to the market and improve competitiveness.

The on-site plant will cut costs from transporting the organic waste to the city’s wasteland, saving up to $50 per ton per day. The market produces around 65 tonnes of organic waste per month.

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