Instant purchases on virtual storefronts in New York

Millions of passers-by will be able to browse and buy the latest fashion by using their phones to scan tags on virtual storefronts across key locations in New York, it was announced.

The application, ‘PowaTag’, is a two-way collaboration between menswear fashion brand 2(X)IST and mobile platform PowaTag, that will turn common street corners into a virtual marketplace until the end of December. During the peak of the holiday season 8,000 taxis will enable customers to buy directly from a 60-second video ad using the technology’s patented audio tag capability.

“We are continually adapting our business, and have been for the last 25 years to keep ahead of the way e-commerce is transforming fashion retail,” said Tom Speight, president and CEO of 2(X)IST.

“It’s also become abundantly clear how important mobile commerce is for the future as we strive to meet our consumers where they are no matter the device of choice.”

The PowaTag allows transactions directly from the smartphone, using proprietary technology to transform any media into an instant virtual storefront. Whether it is printed products, billboards, websites and emails, or digital watermarks encoded into videos, customers will be able to buy their favourite brands with one-touch shopping.

According to Dan Wagner, founder and CEO of PowaTag, over 600,000 people take yellow taxis in New York every single day, and while countless numbers pass by billboards on the streets, they spend their journeys with a smartphone in hand.

“By enabling travellers to instantly, effortlessly complete transactions by simply holding up their phone and tapping, PowaTag is empowering 2(X)IST to turn impulse into action and reach a huge and currently untapped market, essentially opening virtual stores in some of the busiest parts of the city,” Wagner explained.

PowaTag is available as a free download from Google Play and the iTunes Store now.

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