Green light to live near wind farms

People living next to wind turbines don’t face any health risks, shows a new study by a leading technology university. 

The paper, ‘Wind Turbines and Health’, by researchers the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) examined several health effects such as stress, sleep disruption and annoyance, which have  been said to be associated with living in the proximity of wind turbines.

According to the report there were no clear or consistent associations between noise from wind turbines and any reported diseases or other indicators of harm to human health.

Iván Pineda, head of policy analysis at the European Wind Energy Association, said: "These results should lay to rest any concerns that some citizens may have with regard to living near wind turbines."

Measurements have shown that even though wind farms emit an infrasound, the frequency is well below audibility levels to cause disturbances to homes in the area.

A number of case studies in Europe and the US were reviewed to determine the impact of sound levels and frequency on the quality of life for people living near windfarms.

Although the complaints increased in the surveyed population during the construction of windfarms, gas and oil facilities drew more public criticism.

In one case in northern Poland, where the largest study of wind turbine noise was identified, it was revealed that the people living next to windfarms reported the best quality of life compared with those living further than 1,500 metres away.

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