Agreement reached in UN climate talks

UN negotiators have reached a deal at talks in Lima that lays the basis for a global climate pact due to be agreed in Paris next year.

The two-week talks in Lima, Peru, overran by two days after constant disagreement over the draft-text, but eventually led to delegates approving a framework for next year’s summit.

Just hours before, developing countries rejected an initial draft because of divisions over how to tackle climate change and rich countries’ responsibilities.

Peru’s environment minister and conference chairman, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, said: "As a text it's not perfect, but it includes the positions of the parties."

The new draft mentioned only that all pledges submit by countries for a global climate pact would be reviewed a month ahead of Paris to assess their combined effect on climate change.

As E&T news reported, Christiana Figueres, UN Climate Change Secretary, said it was unrealistic it to expect a miracle solution at next year's meeting.

Government pledges to cut rising world greenhouse gas emissions in 2015 will be too weak to avert the worst of global warming, she said, and will merely be part of a long haul to agree far tougher curbs in the future.

The run-up to a 2009 summit in Copenhagen saw hopes that a major UN climate deal could be put in place, but despite their attempts nations failed to agree on a binding treaty.

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