Solar-powered headphones aiming to make listening to music environmentally friendly are seeking support on Kickstarter

Solar-powered headphones launched on Kickstarter

Energetically self-sustainable headphones using power from the Sun aim to make listening to music environmentally friendly.

Developed by French start-up EXOD, the device features a thin-film solar panel covering the upper part of the headset capable of generating enough clean energy in half an hour for 60 minutes of playing music.

Dubbed HELIOS, the project has been launched on Kickstarter today seeking £50,000 of funding to commercialise the technology.

“Wireless technology brings great comfort of mobility and freedom,” the team said on its Kickstarter website. “Unfortunately, like any other mobile technology, it craves large amounts of energy. We wanted to create a practical, environmentally conscious nomad headset, in accordance with our ethics and our vision of tomorrow.”

The team said they had patented the device, which relies on bluetooth® 4.0, to connect the headset wirelessly to a smartphone to enable hands-free phone calls and music experience.

Although the solar generator is supposed to cover most of the headset’s energy needs, even in cloudy weather, the device can also be connected to an external power source through a mini USB. If fully charged, the battery can last for up to 15 hours. Alternatively, the headset can be connected to a smartphone or tablet to cover its energy needs. 

The energy generated by the in-built solar panel, however, can’t be exported to recharge other devices.

“The product uses natural light and a non-polluting process to recharge its internal battery through a photovoltaic film located on top of the headset providing the necessary energy for the Bluetooth technology to operate,” the team said.

The campaign will be open for 39 days.

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