Technologies developed in projects coordinated by the Advanced Propulsion Centre could help cut carbon emissions by 5 million tonnes

Low-carbon vehicle research centre launched in Warwick

A £1bn low-carbon vehicle propulsion research centre has been opened today with an ambitious goal to cut transport greenhouse gas emissions by five million tonnes in the next 12 years. 

Jointly funded by the UK government and the automotive industry, the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) located at Warwick University will coordinate projects developing cleaner internal combustion engines as well as cheaper electric motors.

“The APC will be the hub for projects as diverse as using motorsport braking systems in buses and streamlining the production of electric motors,” said UK Business Secretary Vince Cable during the opening ceremony.

“It’s these kinds of initiatives that will enable our automotive sector to raise the bar in innovation, give businesses the confidence to invest and create high-skilled jobs.”

Cable has also announced additional funding of £32m that will be awarded to two projects focusing on cleaner combustion engines and manufacturing technology for electric motors.

The projects, led by Jaguar Land Rover, will help safeguard 2,500 jobs in the UK's automotive industry.

The Business Secretary also said a new funding round will soon open for small businesses, offering £100m of funding for low-carbon mobility projects coordinated by the APC.

“The Advanced Propulsion Centre is now active as an enabler for low-carbon propulsion development and production in the UK,” said the APC Hub chief executive Tony Pixton.

“Today’s news confirms we are on track to support and create more than 30,000 UK jobs over the next decade, cutting CO2 emissions and driving exports.”

The APC has an ambitious goal to facilitate development of technology that would enable reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation by five million tonnes over the next 12 years. Such a reduction would equal removing almost 250,000 vehicles from the UK roads.

The APC task is to facilitate cooperation between researchers and companies capable of turning disruptive ideas into marketable products.

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