A US company has launched a high-tech odour-killing toilet seat

High-tech toilet kills unwanted stench

An American technology company has developed a high-tech toilet seat that removes unwanted odours through a carbon filter.

The £58 seat is equipped with an in-built battery-powered fan that sucks the air through the stench-removing filter. The device is the newest addition into the toilet-tech range of the US-based Kohler Company, which already includes slow-closing lids, heated seats and night lights – all at a cost of £13 to £64 on top of the price of a regular toilet seat.

"If you have a visitor or someone at your place, it makes them feel more comfortable using the restroom," said one of the company’s customers Josh Patel, who had installed the odour-killing toilet seat in his house in Wisconsin.

The company’s product manager Jerry Bougher said the company is responding to a growing demand for products that would make time spent in the bathroom more pleasant.

"In terms of odour, everyone's experienced it," Bougher said.

When someone sits down, the fan turns on automatically, emitting a slight hum as it filters the offending odour. Optionally, the seat can be equipped with a scent pack, over which the air flows, creating a similar effect to conventional air fresheners used in cars.

Each unit is equipped with two D-size batteries and a carbon filter, both of which should last for about six months.

The seat entered the market on 10 November, hoping to become a Christmas season shopping hit.

In 2006, San Francisco-based company Brondell introduced a similar product but pulled it from the market after five years due to low demand and high manufacturing costs.

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