Tesco's second generation tablet allows parents to control online activities of their children

Tesco to launch new parent-friendly tablet

Tesco's second generation low cost Hudl tablet will hit the stores next week, offering extra features for parents to control Internet access of their offspring.

Tesco said the device has undergone a complete redesign to appeal to customers.

The now thinner Hudl2, featuring an 8.3in full HD screen, will come in eight colours and sell at £129.

"I'm really proud of what we're launching today. We've developed a high quality tablet that's welcoming and accessible to all, whatever your budget or technological know-how,” said Tesco's group digital officer Michael Comish at a launch event in London.

"It's a step-change in technology - it's undergone a complete redesign, with additional investment in hardware, software and user experience.”

Tesco has built content filter The Parent Zone into the device's software, enabling parents to create profiles for up to seven other users, and control what they can and cannot see on the device.

"The child safety filter on hudl 2 is more parent-friendly than anything we have seen before,” said Vicki Shotbolt, CEO at The Parent Zone.

According to the retailer, the first generation Hudl tablet, which was released last year, sold more than 750,000 units, and the retailer expects the new generation to perform even better.

"This year, tablet penetration is expected to reach about 44 per cent, but that still leaves half the country without access to a tablet,” Comish said. "We know customers want easy, accessible technology that the whole family can use, whether working, shopping, gaming, learning or just taking some time out.”

Since last year, multiple retail companies have entered the low-cost tablet market, trying to emulate the success of Apple’s £739 iPad device while making the technology accessible to masses.

In addition to Tesco, Lidl and Argos also launched their own devices.

The Hudl 2 tablet will compete directly with three gadgets recently launched by Amazon, which carry a similar price tag to the Tesco device.

According to figures from Deloitte, around 13 million tablets were sold in the UK in 2013.

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