Panasonic has revealed the world's smallest cylindrical Li-ion battery

Pin-sized battery for wearable gadgets revealed by Panasonic

A pin-shaped 0.6g Li-ion battery designed to power wearable devices has been developed by Panasonic.

The 3.5mm in diameter battery, said to be the smallest cylindrical rechargeable Li-ion battery in the world, provides high-energy output required for near-field communication.

Panasonic said it will start mass-production of the 13mAh CG-320 battery in February 2015, delivering 100,000 units each month.

The Japanese electronics giant hopes the pin-shaped battery will win over the wearable electronics industry with its size and high performance.

The battery, encased in a stainless steel can, could be used in electronic pens, medical devices such as hearing aids, various measuring devices or glass-like gadgets.

Wearable gadgets, the newest trend in consumer technology, present specific challenges for the battery technology. To satisfy the demand, electronics manufacturers are forced to develop miniature batteries that could provide enough energy to power all the gadget’s functions but also last long enough to allow comfortable user experience.

Panasonic said it has built on years of experience with battery material and production technology to create the new product.

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