Naomi Climer will become the first woman ever to serve as the IET President, taking up the role in Novemeber next year

Media technology expert elected IET's first female President

Prominent media and entertainment technology engineer Naomi Climer has been elected the next President of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Becoming the first ever woman to serve in the role, Climer, the current president of Sony Media Cloud Services, will take up the duty on 1 October 2015, succeeding the current President William Webb.

“Engineering is a hugely exciting and diverse career with the opportunity to do something life- or world-changing,” Climer said.

“But there is a big job to do to increase public understanding of the important role engineering plays in their daily lives and get more young people excited about the possibilities of an engineering career.”

With the selection of Climer, the IET follows the example of the Royal Academy of Engineering whose first female President Ann Dowling has been elected in mid-September this year.

Part of Climer’s role will be to help change the image of engineering as a ‘job for men’ and attract more female talent, being an influential role model herself.

“Engineering and technology are behind almost everything,” Climer said. “From our smartphones and the apps that can help us navigate at sea, track our health or remotely control our homes as well as making phone calls.  In transport, from the driverless car to commercial space travel, environmental engineering and air traffic control. Security, robotics, virtual reality and music also rely heavily on engineering.  There’s something for everyone in an engineering career!”

Naomi, currently IET Deputy President, has devoted her professional life to the rapidly changing world of media and entertainment technology. Starting as a broadcast engineer at the BBC after graduating from Imperial College London, she helped drive the astonishing evolution of media technology from the the analogue, pre-Internet days of TV and radio through to the multi-channel, multi-platform, mobile experience of today.

In her current role at Sony Media Cloud Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America, she is leading a team focused on harnessing the power and opportunity of the cloud for professional video content production.

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