Action from the first Formula E race in Beijing earlier this month

'Three or four' new manufacturers in next year's Formula E

Bosses of the all-electric Formula E race series hope to attract ‘three or four’ manufacturers for the next season of the competition.

CEO Alejandro Agag has said he plans to move away from the current one-make format and open up the regulations to allow full manufacturer involvement, allowing teams to develop their own powertrains in 2015/16 and their own batteries from season three.

This move would pave the way for Formula E to make a bid for world championship status as the series requires the involvement of four manufacturers to become accredited as such under FIA rules.

"In year two the teams will be able to build their own batteries and their own motors,” said Agag. “They could build their own whole car if they wanted.

“The regulations are quite strict and they don’t allow a lot of development in aerodynamics, but they do allow development in motor and battery. I would hope that we have three or four different makers of motors and batteries in the championship for year two."

The organisers hope such a move will reinforce the competition position as the centre of electric vehicle development, one of the founding principles of the series.

By encouraging manufacturers to develop their own powertrains and batteries, they hope the new technology will filter into the everyday electric vehicle market, helping to make electric vehicles more desirable.

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