Technology entrepreneur and app developer are now in the top five most desirable careers for parents

Parents increasingly keen on digital careers

Digital careers are becoming more popular with ambitious parents as potential jobs for their children, according to a new survey.

Traditionally popular careers such as doctors, lawyers and engineers have been joined in the top five career choices by both technology entrepreneur and app developer in a new survey of 2,000 parents of children under 18 carried out by Virgin Media.

The survey is part of the firm's Switched On Futures initiative – a campaign aimed at improving technology skills among UK residents, which also includes a partnership with coding club CoderDojo to create a game that teaches parents and children new digital skills.

Global CEO of CoderDojo Mary Moloney said: "To hear that parents rank tech jobs alongside things like doctors and lawyers simply would not have happened more than five years ago. Parents hear about young people like Nick D'Aloisio making millions from apps they'd built in their bedrooms and instantly see amazing potential for their kids' futures.

"With Virgin Media's backing, we've developed a new online game making program to bring more coding clubs to the UK to help support more kids and parents develop coding skills. Coding gives people skills that will help them innovate, create and problem solve – no matter what industry they go into.

"With the right skills, anything's possible. Young coders may even end up making their life's fortune before they finish school."

With London holding its first official Technology Week earlier this year, and children starting a new curriculum that includes computer coding this week, the UK is taking steps to fill a predicted shortfall in the number of people with digital skills in the near future.

But Neil Illingworth, Virgin Media's head of advance technology and innovation, said the gap in knowledge is largely down to the speed at which technology has developed.

"It can be difficult for parents to know how to best support their kids digital ambitions – especially for those who went through school before the days of apps and superfast broadband," he said.

"Back when I learned coding, it took days to build something with an end result – but nowadays kids can create apps or games in minutes."

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