Londoners are not reading terms and conditions when connecting to WiFi hotspots very carefully, a new study has found

Londoners would give up children to connect to Wi-Fi

Six Londoners, subject to an Internet behaviour experiment, have agreed to absurd terms and conditions to connect to a free Wi-Fi hotspot in the capital, a study has revealed.

The terms and conditions included a clause that the users were prepared to "render up their eldest child for the duration of eternity", which, the researchers said, they would not enforce.

The finding was described in a report entitled 'Tainted Love: How Wi-Fi Betrays Us', compiled by security and privacy company F-Secure.

The report, which looked into Internet security awareness of modern city-dwellers, who frequently feel the urgent need to be constantly connected, also found that more than 250 people logged onto a trojanised free Wi-Fi hotspot within a period of only half an hour.

"Our results illustrate the very real problem of the modern world which is that – while massively dependent on the technology – the population is unaware of its capabilities for surveillance and intrusion into their lives,” the report said.

"The problem is that people implicitly trust their technology and are not aware of the implications of that trust.”

In the constant pursuit for high-speed connectivity driven by the desire to have continuous access to video, data-rich apps and super-fast website performance while on the move, users frequently disregard the risks.

"This appetite for bandwidth ... has blinded consumers to the risks that they are taking. In pursuit of free bandwidth, people are prepared to do anything as our experiment showed with its draconian terms and conditions."

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