The iRig Mic Field stereo digital microphone

IK Multimedia debuts iRig Mic Field stereo microphone for iOS

IK Multimedia has announced the iRig Mic Field, a pocket-sized, adjustable stereo digital microphone for audio and video field recording. The device is compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with Lightning connector.

iRig Mic Field features two high-quality cardioid electret condenser capsules, a 24-bit audiophile-grade A/D converter (at sample rates of either CD-quality 44.1kHz or the broadcast video standard 48kHz), 115 dB maximum SPL rating and a built in low-noise, high-definition preamp. The device connects directly to the digital input of an iOS device.

To better preserve the stereo image when recording audio for video, iRig Mic Field can be easily rotated 90 degrees and locked in one of two positions for the best stereo image in both landscape and portrait modes. This ensures a more accurate signal from both left and right channels in any situation. Comparable devices already on the market typically only produce a true stereo sound when held in portrait mode.

Audio gain is controlled by a thumbwheel control, with a multicolour audio input level indicator for visual monitoring of levels and an audio-out jack present for real-time headphone monitoring.

IK Multimedia’s iRig Recorder app is included, which enables users to quickly record, edit, process and share audio. The iRig Mic Field also works with iOS Core Audio and Core Video apps such as GarageBand, Voice Memo, Camera and iMovie. Operation is simple: plug in the iRig Mic Field, open the preferred app and press record.

iRig Mic Field has also been designed with mobile video in mind, allowing users to record and upload video with audio to popular sharing sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Vine.

The iRig Mic Field will cost €79.99 (excluding taxes) and will be available from music and electronics retailers worldwide in October 2014.

IK Multimedia also announced the iKlip Xpand Stand, the latest incarnation of its table-top riser stand that securely holds any iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, Android device or any other tablet with a screen size between 7" to 12.1".

iKlip Xpand Stand features an expandable spring-loaded bracket design, four rubberised gripping points, a metal-reinforced base and an optional tabletop clamp. Most devices can be accommodated without the need to remove them from any protective carrying case and the iKlip’s rubberised "soft touch" surface has been designed not to scratch the secured device.

The iKlip Xpand Stand has a metal-reinforced thermoplastic base for setting down on flat surfaces or an optional tabletop clamp can be used to secure it to a table's edge for a more permanent installation. This is useful for music venues, small businesses, lecture halls, meeting rooms and other places where tablets are frequently used. iKlip Xpand Stand’s multi-angle ball-joint mount allows for precise adjustments and to easily switch from landscape to portrait mode.

The iKlip Xpand Stand can also address small business needs, acting as a point of sale system, a time clock, digital signage, an interactive catalogue, for displaying technical information or for any other use to which a tablet can be put.

iKlip Xpand Stand will be available in October from music and electronics retailers worldwide or from the IK Online store for €54.99 (excluding taxes). Pre-orders are now available on the IK online store and via selected resellers.

As with all IK products, iKlip Xpand Stand was designed and manufactured in Modena, Italy, at IK’s own manufacturing plants.

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