JCB Academy head girl Georgia Turner

Academy develops hydraulic engineering training facility

The JCB Academy is developing a practical hydraulic engineering training facility thanks to up to £80,000 sponsorship from Parker Hannifin.

The academy, which provides specialist engineering tuition for students aged 14 to 19 years, will extend its fluid power curriculum to include hands-on hydraulics education. Parker has committed its support to the programme by agreeing to provide a hydraulic training rig at no cost. Discussions are also underway to have the company’s hydraulics experts support practical workshops.

The partners are now producing designs for a dedicated training area, expected to open this November, which will include learning materials, interactive resources and a creative space to inspire young engineers.

“Our students currently look at hydraulics in theory and practice, but they get very little chance to actually test that out and experiment with hydraulic processes,” says JCB Academy principal Jim Wade. “The rig will enable them to put that theory into practice. It will also provide key hands-on practical experience for people on our apprentice programme, and hopefully help them to be more effective when designing new hydraulic systems in future.”

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