Vince Cable has announced �8m of funding to train nuclear technicians and engineers

�8m to train nuclear technicians and engineers

An £8m funding pot announced by Business Secretary Vince Cable today will help train the next generation of nuclear technicians and engineers.

The funding will create hundreds of new apprenticeships and traineeships and builds on the government’s Nuclear Industrial Strategy, which is designed to ensure Britain benefits from the £930bn due to be invested in the nuclear industry over the next two decades.

Speaking during a visit to the Dungeness nuclear power plant, Cable said: “Today we’ve put our money where our mouth is. Industry has told us they need more skilled workers for the nuclear sector, so this £8m will help guarantee the next generation of workers. This is part of our work to rebalance the economy, creating jobs across the UK.”

The scheme will fund 320 new apprenticeships, with 50 on a new ‘Electrical, Control and Instrumentation’ programme and 270 apprenticeships for nuclear supply chain companies.

It will also pay for 100 traineeships for 16 to 19-year-olds, 60 summer school places – which involve an eight to ten-week programme aimed at engineering undergraduates who have completed two years of study – and 720 places on a two-day course aimed at school years 10 and 11 to give an insight into engineering and construction careers.

A labour market analysis of the current and future skills needs for the UK nuclear industry will also be carried out and will include national and regional reports of skills shortages and gaps.

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