Tesla Motors is expanding its global Supercharger network

Tesla opens 50th Supercharger in Europe

US electric vehicle pioneer Tesla Motors continues its European expansion building the 50th supercharger station available for free to its Model S drivers.

Located in Narbonne, France, the 50th European supercharger now enables owners of Tesla cars to drive from Stockholm to Cote d'Azur without the risk of running out of power along the way.

Tesla’s strategy of building superchargers that enable electric car drivers to charge their cars within 30 minutes to the full battery capacity and giving the owners of Tesla cars free access to those facilities, is designed to remove the range anxiety, seen as a major obstacle to more widespread use of electric vehicles.

Tesla built its first supercharger in Europe only a year ago in Norway and has since established its presence across the continent, particularly in the UK, Scandinavia, Benelux and France.

Tesla has already built 168th Supercharger stations worldwide, making it both the largest and the fastest-growing fast-charging network in the world. In July, the European Supercharger network alone delivered more than 600MWh of energy to Model S vehicles, accounting for 2.2 million miles driven.

Tesla Model S, with a range of 300km, has been praised as a major breakthrough in the electric vehicle design. However, the car has recently received some less enthusiastic reviews with the US Consumer Union’s monthly Consumers Reports magazine writing earlier this week that the acclaimed car has "more than its share of problems".

After driving more than 15,743 miles with the vehicle, Consumer Reports said they encountered multiple problems including the car requiring a hard reset after its systems completely collapsed.

Tesla technicians also replaced roof panels of the tested car after its drivers complained about creaky noises.

Other reported glitches included the front trunk lid not responding to the virtual release button on the central screen and a charger adapter, allowing the car to be charged at chargers other than Tesla’s Supercharger stations, falling apart.

Previously, Consumer Reports gave Tesla Model S an average reliability score based on input from 637 owners of 2012 and 2013 models.

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