Video: The latest in helmet-mounted displays

Helmet-mounted displays (HMD) on show at this year’s Farnborough International Airshow demonstrated the evolution of aviation optics.

BAE Systems unveiled its Striker II HMD, a fully digital solution with an in-built night vision camera that can feed the binocular visor-projected display to do away with the need for external night vision goggles.

This system also includes a cutting-edge tracking system that uses a combination of optical and inertial technology to eliminate any delay in determining where the pilot is looking allowing it to position target acquisition and orientation information onto the visor with close to zero latency.

Elbit Systems launch the helicopter version of its Skylens wearable head-up display, which displays high-resolution flight symbology and video on the inside of the transparent visor of a set of light weight googles.

The technology is designed for commercial pilots operating at day or night in severe weather conditions and provides a real-world view of the terrain along with all obstacles within their flight path, allowing them to see and avoid even when visibility outside the aircraft is limited.

Thales’s announced that its Scorpion (HMD) was selected by Airbus Helicopters to be integrated into its future Helicopter Weapons Systems, making the system an off-the-shelf product for all new Airbus helicopters platforms or upgrade retrofits.

Scorpion provides full colour symbology and video for day and night missions, in addition to targeting, sensor video, and potentially degraded visual environment imagery using light optical wave guide technology and also features hybrid optical-inertial tracking.

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