The Thread Group, an Internet of Things (IoT) alliance which includes Google's Nest Labs, Samsung and ARM

Internet of Things network protocol debuts with Thread launch

The Thread Group, an Internet of Things (IoT) alliance, has been announced by its founders, which include Google's Nest Labs, Samsung and ARM.

Thread’s focus is on enabling mesh networking among IoT devices around the home, by providing a new wireless networking protocol for interoperability between smart devices.

Other Thread members include Freescale, Big Ass Fans, Silicon Labs and Yale Security.

Given that there have been a number of alliances and standards groups quickly forming around the IoT concept, there is a clear sense of the importance attached to this nascent field by big tech players. Other standards groups that have sprung up recently have a different focus to that of Thread.

The Open Interconnect Consortium  was announced just a week ago. Formed by companies such as Intel, Broadcom, Dell, Samsung and Wind River, the focus there is on working out a common framework for connecting devices irrespective of their operating system.

The AllSeen Alliance was formed by Qualcomm, Microsoft, LG and Panasonic. AllSeen is developing a platform to enable device connectivity irrespective of a device’s operating system and wireless technology.

While all three are standards bodies, Thread says it provides a wireless network protocol, while AllSeen and OIC are working on IoT platforms.

Thread Group views itself as a market educator, similar to the Wi-Fi Alliance in that it aims to test products for compliance and interoperability and certify those that pass the tests with the Thread logo. The Thread protocol is already embedded in products from Nest, like connected thermostats, and smoke and carbon-monoxide alarms.

Thread Group plans to start taking on new members later on in the year and may offer product certification in 2015.

In Intel’s financial results announcement today, Intel's IoT division reported second quarter growth of 24 per cent and delivered revenue of $539 million.

Research just out from Spiceworks further confirms the inroads that the IoT is starting to make.  In its survey ’How the Internet of Things will affect IT..and why resistance is futile’ covering  440 IT professionals, 70 per cent said they know that the IoT will affect both consumers and the workplace. What worries 86 per cent of IT professionals are the security and privacy issues of IoT.

Internet of Things (IoT) is based on the premise that any device can connect to any other device as long as it has a sensor, processor and transmitter. IoT refers to appliances and electronic devices which connect to each other and the Internet be it in the home or office, or other location.

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