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Gadgets are students most prized possessions

A new survey has found that the average university student now owns over £4,500 worth of possessions – around £3,000 of which consists of gadgets, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets.  

Endsleigh’s 2014 Student Survey, which was carried out by NUS Services Research Department, found that the average value of a student’s possessions was £4,591 - while their gadgets alone were worth £2,883.

As expected, laptops and netbooks are the most common items, owned by 96 per cent of students, while 91 per cent said they own a smartphone and 40 per cent of students now have a tablet, a figure that has doubled in the last year. The survey also found these three items to be the most prized possessions amongst students.

Alongside the increase in multi-purpose gadget ownership, Endsleigh has also found various other digital items to be popular amongst students, such as 37 per cent now owning a flat screen television, 34 per cent a games console and 17 per cent an e-reader.

“Our research has shown us that students are investing more money than ever before to ensure they have the latest high-quality gadgets and possessions. We’ve seen over the last few years that students are becoming more reliant upon portable gadgets such as tablets and smartphones: from watching films to interacting with friends – these devices allow students to work and play while on the move,” says Sara Newell, Manager Student Markets at Endsleigh.

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