The first challenge focuses on improving the way live data from F1 is displayed�

First challenge in F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize revealed

The first challenge in a competition designed to spur the development of the next-generation of connectivity technologies for Formula 1 has been revealed.

Entrants to the $50,000 (£30,000) F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize, run by technology firm Tata Communication, are being asked to demonstrate new and insightful information that can be derived from Formula One Management’s live data feeds.

Contenders, who stand win VIP trips to next year’s Monaco Grand Prix on top of the prize money, also need to create a compelling visual package for this new information in order to add suspense and excitement to the audience experience.

John Morrison, chief technology officer of Formula One Management, said: “It is undoubtedly the case that a wealth of predictive information about proposed race strategy and current car performance can be derived from the session timing information.

“We are looking for a mechanism to choose specific parameters, produce the calculations and display this information in an exciting and innovative way. Obviously a mechanism to continuously update this information as the race weekend unfolds is a major part of the challenge.”

This is the first of three challenges to solve a series of real-world issues faced by Formula 1, with the other two announced due to be announced later in the year before the Italian and US races.

According to Tata, the first challenge is designed to inspire entrants to creatively apply analytical and information technology solutions to enhance entertainment and insight into the sport.

The challenge provides the scope for entrants to not only define the data form, but also to visualise it for application in any form, ranging from TV graphics to an additional data page to complement the information that is currently presented by Formula One Management to F1 teams, the media and users of and the Official F1 app.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, who is one of the judges of the competition, said: “I live by the data screens during the live track sessions. A $50,000 prize fund demands creative solutions and I for one will take a very personal interest in proposals that show additional analysis and create new information.”

Information on how to enter the Tata Communications’ F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize is available here.

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