Tennis is entering the smart age with a new smartphone-connected racket

Smart tennis racket helps to improve game

A sensor-riddled smartphone-connected racket, to be launched in the UK, promises to revolutionise the game of tennis by providing detailed performance insights.

Throughout the game, the Babolat Play Pure Drive racket collects data on shot power, ball impact location, the number and type of strokes, spin, endurance, technique or consistency. The data are available to the player throughout the game and could be transmitted via a Bluetooth connection into a smartphone or computer for further analysis.

The £350 racket was approved by the International Tennis Federation earlier this year and could be used during tennis competitions with prior consent of the federation.

Apart from providing insights into a single player’s game, the device allows sharing data with the whole Babolat Play community to gain reference information about the player’s abilities.

"In tennis, as in other sports, sharing and comparing experiences through digital tools is becoming the new norm" said the company’s founder Eric Babolat. "We're adding concrete information to the sensations players receive."

A gamification feature allows the player to advance through different levels in time with practice.

The racket has identical physical specifications as a regular Babolat Racket.

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