Samsung's KNOX system has overtaken BlackBerry in terms of safety and data protection

Samsung's hacking-proof system safer than BlackBerry's

Samsung’s KNOX system designed for public sector services dealing with sensitive data is secure enough to handle classified information, the UK government has said.

Running alongside the Android operating system, Samsung KNOX provides a separate interface allowing information to be sealed off within the hardware of the device and be protected in case the gadget is subject to a cyber-attack.

The UK Communications and Electronics Security Group (CESG), a body providing assistance to Government Departments on communications security, has analysed the system and issued guidance approving its use in the public sector.

"We are pleased that our KNOX enabled devices have been cleared for use by the UK Government, and are confident given the period of intensive testing that the robust capabilities of KNOX act as a credible security solution for government agencies,” said Graham Long, vice president of the enterprise business team for Samsung UK & Ireland.

The Korean firm says KNOX provides a set of tools that protect Android handsets from data leakages, malware and malicious attacks.

The guidance offered by the CESG is an acknowledgement that the platform, which Samsung launched in 2013, works. According to the official Government report, KNOX is now the most secure platform for use in the public sector when handling classified information, replacing the Blackberry 10.1 platform that was found to have 4 security issues. In comparison, KNOX has 3.

The guidance suggests the Government may begin to use Samsung devices for official business, but as yet no official comment has been made on the announcement.

"CESG's acknowledgement of Samsung KNOX is testament to the high standard of security offered by the Samsung KNOX platform and a further milestone as we work to grow our relationships with government organizations and large corporate enterprises worldwide," Injong Rhee, senior vice president of the KNOX business, IT & mobile communications division at Samsung Electronics commented.

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