University of Bath receives �1.2m funding to develop greener cars.

Funding accelerates development of greener cars

The University of Bath’s Powertrain and Vehicle Research Centre (PVRC) will receive £1.2 million to fund its automotive research as part of a £133 million Government and industry investment in the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC).

Business Secretary Vince Cable recently announced a major investment into projects led by the APC, a joint industry and Government body set up by the Automotive Council. Its aim is for the UK to become a hub of excellence for advanced powertrain technology, including improvements to fuel efficiency and reduction in carbon emissions.

The initiative has the potential to secure jobs linked to producing engines, while creating many more in the automotive supply train. Alongside the Government, Ford, Cummins, GKN and JCB are the automotive manufacturers investing in the APC.

The PVRC has been awarded £1.2 million to carry out research as one of Ford’s project partners on the ACTIVE project. ACTIVE is centred on Ford’s 1.0 litre EcoBoost Engine, which is expected to win the International Engine of the Year award for the third consecutive year in 2014.

The project will accelerate the introduction of future generation low-carbon technologies with the target of making substantial CO2 savings, including advanced turbocharging, advanced combustion system development and variable valvetrain technology.

“Our involvement in this project continues the high-impact contribution that we made to the development of the EcoBoost engine and builds on our unique capability to emulate the performance and behaviour of complex technologies and systems to drive down the CO2 footprint of car engines,” notes Professor Hawley, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Design and Director of the PVRC.

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