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UCL offers free master's degrees

UCL is offering £500,000 of bursaries, covering the full tuition fee cost and including £10,000 maintenance funding available for students from under-represented backgrounds to undertake engineering degrees at master’s level.

UCL’s scheme supports traditionally under-represented groups, such as care-givers, those with children, those with no history of private education, and, in the case of engineering, women, to engage in graduate study at UCL.

Results from the 2013 IET Skills Survey show that only seven per cent of the engineering workforce in the UK is female, lower than any other country in Europe. The UK still continues to experience persistent difficulty in encouraging and retaining women in engineering and technology roles.

The full-time master’s bursaries are offered as part of the UCL Graduate Support Bursary scheme, a section of UCL’s wider initiative to support graduate master’s students and funded through the HEFCE Postgraduate Support Scheme.

A wide range of engineering courses are available as part of the scheme including biochemical engineering, computer graphics, Internet engineering, telecommunications with business and nanotechnology. As well as financial support, postgraduate students can also access mentoring from academia and industry, skills development, and all the resources of UCL’s Graduate School. Childcare support is also available.

"The Graduate Support Scheme actively aims to support female graduates to attain their full potential in the engineering profession,” says Jane Butler, vice dean (Enterprise), UCL Engineering. “We want to encourage many more women to apply as they are currently vastly under-represented in engineering. The scheme is ideal for women returning to work or changing career. It offers mentoring by researchers and senior managers from technology companies to provide a fantastic boost to what can be a wonderful career for a woman to pursue.”

This scheme is open to prospective students domiciled in the UK who have ‘Home’ tuition fee status. The closing date for applications to the scheme is 30 June, and students must have applied for their chosen master’s programme by that date.

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