Samsung has rolled out a set of new gadgets including a new Galaxy S5 smartphone

Samsung rolls out set of new products

South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung has unveiled five new products including a smartphone and watches, stepping up consumer war with Apple.

During an event in London today, Samsung unveiled its latest – first time waterproof - smartphone Galaxy S5, and the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit smartwatches. The Gear 2 is an update on Samsung's original smartwatch, which was released in September last year. The Neo is a streamlined version of the same device, with the camera removed, while the Gear Fit is the first wearable device launched in the UK to include a curved screen.

All gadgets have immediately hit the market, selling for £250 or less.

The new products were introduced soon after Samsung released its sales estimates for the first quarter of 2014, recording a sales decline for the second consecutive quarter.

With a full selection of smart watches in store, Samsung has gained an advantage over its arch-rival Apple, who is believed to be planning a smartwatch launch.

Andy Betts, editor of UK-based Android Magazine believes that this launch cements Samsung's place at the top of the smartphone market.

He said: "The Galaxy S5 is not a massive upgrade over last year's S4, but what has been improved should be more than enough to ensure that Samsung retains its dominance of the Android market.

"With an improved camera, much longer battery life and water resistance, Samsung has targeted areas that, while not necessarily producing eye catching headlines, will deliver real benefits for users."

Betts did however sound a word of warning for the technology giant if it wants to retain its current position.

He said: "Samsung's watches look like the best to have hit the market to date. But they only work with Samsung devices, and only a limited selection of those. We can expect a glut of wearables to launch over the coming months so Samsung will need to do a lot more to ensure it remains competitive."

The watches have been designed to offer more focus on health and wellbeing, with fitness tracking a big part of each, including the exercise-dedicated Fit.

The key new features on the Galaxy S5 smartphone also include an emphasis on health and wellbeing with apps to link with wearables to track movement, as well as a faster processor that improves response time when using the device.

Samsung have also made the S5 water and dust-proof, as well as introducing a fingerprint scanner in a similar vain to Apple's Touch ID, which the Cupertino-based company incorporated into the iPhone 5s, released last year.

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