Gibson Memory Cable: inspiration insurance included, talent at user's discretion

Gibson's Memory Cable offers 'inspiration insurance'

US guitar manufacturer Gibson has announced a guitar cable equipped with a built-in digital recorder. The Memory Cable is designed to allow players to capture new musical ideas as they happen, digitally recording any sound passing through the cable to the built-in memory card.

Designed in conjunction with Japanese electronics firm Tascam, the Memory Cable is compatible with any instrument or sound source that has a ¼” output jack. The 4Gb MicroSD card included with the cable can store approximately 13 hours of uncompressed audio at 44.1kHz/16 bit fidelity in .wav file format. Recordings made with the cable are thus compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices.

Recordings can be transferred to a computer from the MicroSD card. The package includes a MicroSD-to-SD adapter. With the card attached to a computer, files can be copied to the computer and then imported to any recording software present for further manipulation and processing.

Two record modes are available: continuous or auto. The latter records only when a player creates sound, whereas the continuous mode is useful for recording longer performances, such as rehearsals and gigs when the cable has been connected to the outputs of a PA or mixing desk, for example.

The recording function of the cable is powered by one AA battery (with an estimated eight-hour life), whilst the clock function is powered by one LR44 battery. This enables recordings to be time/date stamped for ease of reference.

In use, the cable does not have to be plugged in to an amp, mic preamp or mixing desk to record the signal. Equally, the premium quality, low-capacitance cable can simply be used as a high-quality instrument cable, comparable with similar non-recording cables, and does not require any power to function in this way.

The Memory Cable will be available in the USA on May 15. Release dates for other territories have yet to be confirmed.

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