Renewable energy policy has been in the centre of a recent dispute between the coalition parties

Coalition row over wind farms

UK Prime Minister David Cameron and his coalition partner Nick Clegg have fallen out over proposed changes in renewable energy policy.

Liberal Democrat Clegg was said to have effectively blocked Cameron’s proposal to restrict construction of onshore wind farms. The bid, pushed forward by David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne would allow projects already under construction or those in development to go ahead but would block any further developments.

A source told PA Clegg rejected the proposal saying it didn’t allow replacing the 30 per cent of projects abandoned after approval before entering the construction phase.

"Nick Clegg was simply not going to allow the Tories to move the goalposts on green energy again," the source said.

"Some sort of crude block towards onshore wind would seriously damage investor confidence in Britain's energy markets. It would be a double whammy - bad for both British business and for the environment.”

Rural wind farms have been a source of coalition tension, with many senior Conservatives staunchly opposed to the turbines, which Lib Dems say are needed to meet environmental objectives.

There have already been cuts to the state subsidies available and moves to give local communities a greater say.

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