A network security system based on an artificial neural network evaluates danger in a similar way to mammals

Bio-inspired cyber defence system

Chemring has developed a network security system mimicking the fight-or-flight fear response of mammals.

Said to be the first bio-inspired network security system in the field, Chemring’s Perception doesn’t rely on pre-defined rules but identifies malicious activity and new threats as they occur.

"Chemring has a long and rich heritage of Internet and cyber defence capabilities and Perception is the result of over 20 years' experience of developing counter threat solutions,” said Stephen Grinham, Managing Director of Chemring Technology Solutions. “Cyber-attacks are a significant and continually evolving threat and Perception is uniquely placed to quickly identify threats that other systems cannot," he said about the system that functions as a neural network.

The system will also monitor for and detect any slow, unauthorised data exfiltration, even when obfuscation techniques are used to evade traditional rules based detection techniques.

Chemring is a global business providing a range of advanced technology products and services to customers in aerospace, defence and security markets.

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