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New optical disc standard to reach 1TB capacity

Sony and Panasonic have announced a new standard for next-generation optical discs that can store up to 1TB of information.

The Archival Disc standard is designed for professional-use in the expanding market for long-term digital data storage, with the product aimed at areas such as the film industry and cloud data centres, where advances in network services have caused data volumes to soar.

Both firms aim to launch systems with a recording capacity of 300GB per disc from summer 2015, and will continue development on their respective technologies to further expand the recording capacity per disc to 500GB, and eventually 1TB.

“Optical discs have excellent properties to protect themselves against the environment, such as dust-resistance and water-resistance, and can also withstand changes in temperature and humidity when stored,” Sony said in a statement.

“They also allow inter-generational compatibility between different formats, ensuring that data can continue to be read even as formats evolve. This makes them robust media for long-term storage of content.”

The two companies plan to actively promote this next-generation high-capacity optical disc standard in the professional field in order to offer an effective solution for protecting valuable data into the future.

The discs will use crosstalk cancellation technology and high-order Partial Response Maximum Likelihood (PRML) signal-processing technology to achieve both larger capacity and higher playback signal quality. 

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