Jaguar Land Rover has spent �45m on a high production press line at its Halewood plant

JLR upgrades production press line to boost capacity

Jaguar Land Rover has upgraded the production press line at its Halewood plant to increase capacity, as the UK car industry recovers.

Britain's largest car manufacturer,  owned by Indian owned parent company Tata Motors, said it had completed a £45m high production press line at the plant in northern England, which will help it save time to stamp its steel and aluminium panels.

The 13-metre tall and over 85-metre long press will reduce the time it takes to change the die casts, moulds made from metal, from 55 minutes to 5 minutes, potentially adding hours of production per week.

Britain's car industry has experienced a renaissance in the last year, as a more flexible workforce and state schemes to boost investment and research have helped it to recover from the 2008 economic downturn.

Land Rover's announcement comes a day after fellow luxury brand Bentley said it would create 100 positions as it moves production of all of its parent Volkswagen's powerful W12 engines to Britain.

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