Scosche Rhythm Smart+


A cleaner that never needs a filter change, tougher watches and a wheel that turns your bike electric

Scosche Rhythm Smart+


A heart rate monitor with a whole series of tricks up its sleeves. Flashest of all, the Rhythm Smart+ uses an optical sensor to more accurately measure heartrate than standard monitors. Optical monitors pick up the colour changes of your skin, traditional monitors pick up the electrical activity of your heart. That also means this isn’t an uncomfortable chest strap, but an arm strap instead. On top of that this features dual processors that simultaneously send data via ANT+ and Bluetooth to make it more versatile in use. It’s also 1m waterproof, and even has built-in memory to record exercise without needing to connect to a device.


Dyson DC54 Cinetic

from £420

Forget “no loss of suction” claims by other manufacturers, say Dyson. While rivals base theirs on the IEC 60312-1 clause 5.9 test, that can see cleaners measurably losing suction after sucking up just 50g of dust, Dyson have tested their new Cinetic cleaners to suck up ten years of dust without filter maintenance. This is because these new cleaners feature rubber tips that vibrate at high frequency - avoiding clogging the cyclone openings. That means no need to replace or maintain filters; of course no bags to switch either. You still have to empty the thing into the bin, though.


Netatmo June


A wrist bracelet that measures UV exposure. This is another of the new breed of “quantified self” gadgets that are currently all the rage - tracking data about yourself (see also fitness trackers, and even mouthful-tracking forks). Here a UV sensor embedded in a fashion-friendly bracelet sends data to a smartphone app wirelessly, so you can track how much sun you’re getting (even on overcast days). You input your skin type into the app and it then tracks progress towards your daily safe exposure as a percentage, advising on when to apply SPF lotion or cover up.


Elliot Brown watches

from £325

Stylish men’s watches with uniquely rugged details. Elliot Brown use specially formed elastomers to bed the watch movement into the casing. This means that even if the watch takes repeated knocks, the shock absorbing materials won’t become brittle or crack. And a triple-sealed waterproofing system means the watch won’t flood if you immerse it having forgotten to screw the pushers or crown in properly after changing the date or time. Such details extend to using solid bars for fixing straps, rather than spring pins. Understated, stylish and tough as girders - with 200m waterproofing, mineral crystal faces and bolted-down (rather than threaded) caseback.


Topeak MiniRocket iGlow


This smart combination of rear biycle light and portable pump has just bagged Topeak a Red Dot Design Award, and rightly so. Most cyclists carry a bike pump, but rarely use it - meaning it takes up more bulk on the bike or in the bag, and it needs to be taken away from the bike if left locked. This combines an excellent pump with a decent red rear light (that can be set to constant or flashing), using a 0.5W super bright LED and transparent barrel with optical fibre running up the inside. Flashy thinking.


Flykly Smart Wheel


The holy grail for electric bikes - this lets you turn pretty much any bike into an e-bike. E-bikes are great for people who can’t or don’t want to pedal uphills or for long distances. They offer much of the congestion busting, pollution avoiding, healthy benefits of the bicycle, but without too much effort. But they’ve tended to be weighty, ungainly and expensive. This (one of two similar solutions coming to market right now), houses all the motor and battery gubbins inside a rear wheel you swap in. The result goes up to 20mph, for up to 30 miles, and recharges partially from your pedalling or freewheeling downhill.

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