Dyson's fan heaters launched in 2011 have been recalled due to the risk of short-circuits

Dyson recalls million fan heaters due to fire risk

British innovative technology manufacturer Dyson is recalling 1 million fan heaters after several devices have short-circuited causing fire.

Famous for its cordless vacuum cleaners and innovative hand-dryers, Dyson said the problem was reported in its bladeless Air Multiplier fans. The newest model has only been released recently, although the product was originally introduced in 2009.

All of the reported short-circuits have occurred in the 2011 version of the device, which is a fan and a heater at the same time.

"We have sold a million heaters around the world; we have seen a small number short-circuit, which in four cases resulted in contained burning,” said Dyson chief executive Max Conze.

"Although there have been no instances of personal injury or damage to property, it's four too many. So we are working with the relevant regulatory bodies and preparing for a voluntary recall."

The company said customers should visit the website www.dysonrecall.com for instructions.

Dyson was founded by James Dyson, who developed a vacuum cleaner based on cyclone technology that did away with the bags that collected dirt in conventional machines.

The company, based in Malmesbury, southern England, holds over 3,000 patents for over 500 inventions, and it devices are sold in more 65 countries.

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