Rolls-Royce envisions future ship bridges to be packed with augmented reality technology

Augmented reality for future seafarers

Rolls-Royce envisions bridges of ships ten years from now will be packed with augmented reality technology and equipped with smart workstations.

The company, working with the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), has introduced a series of innovative designs proposing workstations capable of recognising automatically who has sat in front of them.

The bridge-windows, Rolls-Royce proposes, could be turned into augmented reality displays, showing navigation information, weather alerts and routes and locations of other ships in the area.

Seafarers travelling on tugs, cargo ships or platform supply vessels could have such technology at hand by 2025.

During the design process Rolls-Royce and VTT consulted crewmembers and ship captains to help them draw up the most efficient designs.

"The project has successfully combined experience-driven design, in-depth psychological and operational analysis of tasks, and the envisioning of future technological solutions, and has packaged them in the form of impressive, futuristic videos that will inspire actors in this field to adopt user-experience-based solutions," said programme manager Maaria Nuutinen

The team also envisions remote-controlled technology to become more widespread with the eventual goal of fully autonomous vessels. First of all, certain functions could be controlled from the ship's bridge or, alternatively, from a land-based control room.

You can see the futuristic bridge designs in the following video:


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