Soldiers of China's People's Liberation Army have grown too tall for equipment

Taller soldiers force China to redesign military equipment

The Chinese army has reported problems fitting soldiers into tanks and other military equipment as they have grown on average 2cm taller in the last twenty years.

According to an extensive survey that has been in progress since 2009, the Chinese soldiers have not only grown taller but also stronger, gaining on average about five centimetres around the waste.

The data have been gathered questioning 20,000 troops and reported in the official People's Liberation Army Daily newspaper.

Due to their more robust physical shape, the soldiers have reported experiencing discomfort when driving tanks or using rifle barrels designed for their shorter predecessors. The now taller soldiers find it reportedly more difficult to aim accurately.

The Chinese army will therefore adjust the equipment using precise body measurements to determine the correct dimensions.

China has the world's second-largest defence budget after the United States, spending heavily on new planes, ships, tanks and weapons of all sorts. Its 2.3 million-member standing army is the world's largest.

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