At least two cases of spontaneous combustion involving Porsche's flagship model have been reported

Porsche halts deliveries after 911 ignition

German carmaker Porsche has stopped deliveries of its flagship 911 GT3 sports vehicle after at least two cars caught fire.

Remnants of the two vehicles that ignited in Switzerland and Italy are now being examined by Porsche’s technicians in the company’s headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.

The two incidents forced the luxury car maker to halt deliveries until the exact cause of the fires will be determined, German press agency DPA has reported.

Porsche, member of the Volkswagen group, hopes to conclude the investigation by the end of this week.

The affected £112,543 911 GT3 model underwent a major redesign recently, with the newest version having been introduced in 2013. Porsche said it has sold about 322 GT3s in the past year.

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