H�ttinger-designed Schaeffler Concept Bike, Hannover Messe 2013

Hannover Messe 2014

E&T magazine is again a preferred media partner for this year's Hannover Messe showcase of industrial and engineering technology innovation. This second of three previews surveys in brief the technology-specific trade shows that make-up Hannover Messe 2014 - and includes details of FREE ENTRY for IET members.

It's the world's leading annual showcase for industrial and related technologies, with last year's visitor numbers exceeding 217,000 attendees and 6,550 exhibitors from 65 nations. Hannover Messe 2014 (Hanover, Germany, 7-11 April) will feature seven flagship fairs taking place under this year's banner theme of 'Integrated Industry' - a theme that signals the event's key foci on the growing integration of all areas of industry, and a recognition of the steps industry needs to take in order to get from its smart-factory vision to a functioning, integrated Industry 4.0 factory. The seven component Trade Fairs are Digital Factory, Energy, Industrial Automation, Industrial Supply, IndustrialGreenTec, MobiliTec, and Research & Technology.

In its fifth year, the flagship MobiliTec fair is more than ever the central international platform networking the public sector, energy, and transportation industries, supplier industry, and manufacturing and research. It showcases progress in electromobility across all sectors, from infrastructure, renewable energies, and information technology, to electric- and hybrid-drive system engineering, including hydrogen cell design.

'E-vehicles' are gaining ground. There are over a million 'e-bikes' on German roads, and the electric car ('e-car') market is also starting to get into gear. Last year Germany licensed its 10,000th electric car, and the number of hybrid vehicles is growing. The area of power storage technologies is progressing; the German energy industry is investing across the country in Smart Grid projects.

The network of charging stations to fuel these e-cars is also growing: there are now more than 4,000 e-car charging statiuons across the country. The share of renewable energies now accounts for around 25 per cent of German consumption, according to Hannover Messe sources.

Sponsored by the German Engineering Federation and its Drive Engineering Research Association, MobiliTec is not focused exclusively on e-vehicles; system-based solutions for environmentally-sensitive mobility are also included. Individual components, as well as final products, will be showcased in a range of application areas, along with issues surrounding manufacturing technology.

Renewable energies and electromobility are often mentioned in the same context, so exhibitors at MobiliTec and stablemate Hannover Messe event the Energy show, will be closer together for 2014. The electromobility sector, and companies offering energy production sourced from wind, solar power, biogas or biomass, will for the first time at Hannover, present their concepts, products and offers under the same roof - that of Hall 27.

The Netherlands is the Hannover Messe 2014 Partner Country, and environmentally-friendly mobility has long-been a Dutch priority. Indeed electromobility is becoming a verificable global phenomenon. Japan, for instance, is putting its efforts into electric drives by building a dense nation-wide network of charging stations: Japan wants to reach a 20 per cent share of electric vehicles for the automotive market as a whole by 2020.

Norway, meanwhile, is pursuing equally ambitious goals. The market share of electric vehicles'among new vehicle purchases in Norway was already more than 5 per cent in recent months. In the US, electromobility is gaining much attention. Last year, 2013, Tesla Motors sold more e-cars in the United States than the total number now driving on Germany's streets.

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