EE feels the firm's valuation will rise once more people buy higher-margin 4G mobile data packages

EE floatation could be resurrected in the future

Plans to float Britain’s largest mobile operator EE put on hold last month may be revived in the future.

The company, a joint venture between the German telecom operator and France's Orange, shelved the planned floatation after a strategic review that suggested the firm's valuation would rise once more people bought higher-margin mobile data packages in the 4G market.

But according to comments Deutsche Telekom board member Claudia Nemat made to German daily Boersen-Zeitung, it could be back on the agenda one day.

"We feel that the value increase is there. But that does not mean that the IPO (initial public offering) is cancelled forever," she was quoted as saying in an interview published on Monday.

"We are absolutely not dissatisfied with the operating development in Britain. It is a difficult market, but look at last week's results, EE is doing fine."

EE said last week it had exceeded its cost savings target and boosted profitability during a strong 2013, when its customers ramped up the amount they were willing to spend on data services.

The company, created in 2010 after France Telecom combined its Orange brand with Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile in 2010, was valued by the German telecom operator at £10bn last May.

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