The UK Department for Business Innovation and Skills has selected 7 innovative aerospace projects to share �60m of funding

Cutting edge aerospace projects to share �60m of funding

Seven cutting edge aerospace research projects have been selected to share £60m of funding from the Aerospace Technology Institute.

The selected developments include a joint venture between UTC Aerospace Systems and Raytheon developing engine and control electronics supporting the introduction of an all-electric aircraft, a collaboration between AgustaWestland and 3 universities and 3 SMEs to provide improvements in passenger comfort and aircraft vibration for the next generation helicopters or a Rolls-Royce-led project designing quieter, more efficient engines.

The funding, announced by the Business Minister Michael Fallon is part of the UK Aerospace Industrial Strategy that will see the UK government investing jointly with the industry about £2bn over the next seven years to maintain the UK's position of the global aerospace industry leader.

“Government and industry are working together to keep Britain at the forefront of the global aerospace market where we are second only to the United States,” said Fallon.

“We are jointly funding the Aerospace Technology Institute to the tune of £2 billion so it can develop technology for the next generation of quieter, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly planes.”

The 7 projects will receive £29.8 million from government with the remainder of the £58.2 million investment contributed by industry. They span the 4 key, high value areas of modern aircraft that the ATI will focus on and where the UK excels – aerodynamics, propulsion (engines), advanced systems and structures:

The projects could lead to the creation of up to 115,000 highly skilled jobs in aerospace.

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