Engineering podcasts and websites not to be missed

Today one of the most popular ways of encapsulating and widely disseminating know-how and expertise is via a podcast or video clip and we’ve tracked down six that are worthy of exploring.

In the learning and development arena, both are recognised as valuable vehicles for delivering just-in-time learning (learning at the exact point it is required) or as a piece of informal learning which an individual can plug into at their leisure whether on the move using smartphones or at the desktop. The only constraint is the time involved in searching them out in the first place. So to provide a head start, we’ve tracked down six that we feel are worthy of exploring.

Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog

Although described as a blog this hugely popular site is far more comprehensive than that with a huge range of podcasts, webcasts, online video and audio content as well as links and management guides and advice.

It has a specific section for podcasts listed under categories where a separate/specific entry for engineering can also be found. Visitors can also search under specific industries or sectors such as healthcare and energy as well as topic headings including: careers; education; and technology. Among the recently posted downloadable content you might be curious to learn that mechanical gears have been discovered in an insect -- showing that nature developed interlocking cogs long before humans came up with the idea.

The Engineering Commons Podcast

With its tagline of: ‘Practical insights for the engineering crowd’ this site, co-hosted by five engineers (one mechanical, one civil and three electrical), does precisely what it says on the tin.

At the time of writing over 40 episodes were available and a wonderfully broad range of topics are tackled including: a discussion about the need for engineers to take a greater leadership role in society; what it’s like for an engineer to be ‘in the zone’; the portrayal of engineers in literature; and the crucial skills needed by tomorrow’s engineering professionals.

The E&T podcast

The IET’s Engineering and Technology magazine presents a rolling series of audio podcasts to accompany each issue of the magazine. There are currently over 20 available episodes which can be downloaded individually from the url above or the entire series can be subscribed to free of charge via either Apple’s iTune’s software service, RSS or any Android device.

A series of videos, webinars and interactive graphics which explore and explain technology and engineering issues in the news can also be found on the E&T website.

Engineering TV

Launched in 2010 by business publisher Penton Media, Engineering TV is described as an online video program for engineers by engineers. It covers emerging technologies, the latest developments, new products and best practices as well as insight from individuals at the forefront of design engineering. It also includes behind-the-scenes footage. It has built a library of hundreds of engineering videos, which can be search by topic or by channel.

How Stuff Works

The What’s Inside: Engineering section of this ‘edutainment website’ covers five key engineering disciplines: civil engineering; devices; materials science; robotics; and structural engineering and topics tackled range from aircraft technologies, buildings, bridges and heavy machinery. By dint of the website’s moniker and edutainment charter, it does adopt a mainstream/populist approach but aims to explain and provide insight into what are often complex concepts, terminology and mechanisms through a variety of mediums.

Learn more about alternative fuel such as ‘grassoline’, how maglev trains work, manufacturing water and ‘10 cool engineering tricks the Romans taught us.’


The site seeks to bring ‘the most influential voices’ in engineering to a worldwide audience of engineering and claims to have created the broadest reach for engineering content. It offers access to six video series via podcast including: the Product Design Show, a weekly ‘dig’ into the engineering behind consumer and industrial products; Engineering Career GPS which follows three engineers on their quest to find better careers; the Learning Series; and This Week in Engineering which highlights newsworthy events from the world of engineering.

Users can also access The Engineer’s Picks (best of) and its entire video library through its free iPhone, iPad and Android app.

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