UltraTuner by IK Multimedia

UltraTuner chromatic tuning app released for iOS

Mobile music-creation specialists IK Multimedia has announced the release of UltraTuner, a chromatic tuning app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Described as “the most precise digital chromatic instrument tuner app” for iOS, IK claims that UltraTuner is 10 times more accurate than a mechanical strobe tuner, featuring one of the fastest, smoothest and most responsive tuning engines of all tuner apps.

UltraTuner is precise to below one hundredth of a cent - beyond the human perception of pitch. Such accurate pitch detection is achieved through a proprietary dual-analysis processing engine that allows the tuner to get a much more accurate reading of the frequency from the incoming note. The fast response of the tuner is suitable for mechanical instruments, for intonating stringed instruments and for calibrating electronic instruments, such as vintage synthesizers.

UltraTuner has two modes: Stage and Studio. In Stage mode, UltraTuner is a straightforward, accurate instrument tuner with a simple interface that is easily read in low light conditions. A graduated flat and sharp full-screen display indicates degrees from pitch and when the note is in tune, the display turns green.

In Studio mode, UltraTuner provides pitch tracking, allowing players to monitor pitch over time. This is useful for monitoring pitch of non-chromatic instruments like vocals, violin, brass instruments or woodwind on recordings over time. Studio mode also offers two different visualizations: pitch over time and a proprietary oscilloscope wave form display. The pitch over time display shows the accuracy of a note as it is played and decays. The oscilloscope wave form display indicates flat or sharp notes by animating the waveform to the left if the note is flat, completely still if the note is correct, and animating the waveform to the right if the note is sharp.

There is also a settings window, whereby players can calibrate the "A" note, set the temperament type, set the root key for tracking and adjust the audio sensitivity. UltraTuner can use the iOS device's built-in microphone for audio input and works with all analog or digital audio interfaces for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

UltraTuner is available now as a standalone app from the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch for $4.99/€4.49, or as an in-app purchase within AmpliTube for iPhone (and AmpliTube for iPad.

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