The first computer graphic of a Successor class nuclear submarine

First image of UK's future nuclear submarines released

UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has announced a £79m investment into the Successor nuclear deterrent submarines while revealing the first ever image of the vessels to be built by BAE Systems.

The Successor submarines, set to become the largest and most advanced vessels ever operated by the Royal Navy, are expected to replace the current Vanguard Class submarines by 2028 carrying the Trident missiles.

The design and construction of the vessels, said to be one of the most technologically complex undertakings of its kind in the UK history, is already employing about 1000 people in BAE Systems alone, with up to 6000 to be employed in the supply chain when construction reaches its peak.  

“The Successor programme is supporting around 2,000 jobs and up to 850 British businesses could benefit from the supply chain as we exploit the most modern technologies, and employ a significant portion of the UK’s engineers, project managers and technicians over the coming years,” said Defence Secretary Philip Hammond during an update on the Successor programme that has been presented to the Parliament today.

Two contracts worth £47m and £32m have been awarded to BAE Systems Maritime-Submarines who are leading the design of the vessels, covering the initial period the project. The submarines are expected to serve between late 2020s and 2060s.

“The Royal Navy has been operating continuous at-sea deterrent patrols for more than 40 years and the Successor submarines will allow us to do so with cutting-edge equipment well into the future,” said Admiral Sir George Zambellas, First Sea Lord.

The boats are designed to be amongst the stealthiest in the world.

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