Award winning design combined with ground breaking green technology placed the Eden Project in Cornwall on the list

Engineering marvels of 21st century revealed

London, wind energy or 3D movies have made it to the top eight contemporary engineering wonders list as selected by young engineers from across the UK.  

The list has been launched during the Tomorrow's Engineers Week  - an event supported by the UK government, industry an academia - that aims to show the public how engineering skills make a difference to the world.

Announced today by the UK Skills Minister Matthew Hancock, the new engineering wonders include 3D films, wind power or Airbus’s A380 superjumbo. "The eight engineering wonders go to show not only how exciting and innovative the nation is, but also the everyday impact engineers have on the world,” Hancock said about the list.

"It is becoming the new norm for young people to choose either university or an apprenticeship and we are taking major action both in government and across industry. One of our main aims is to attract more young people, especially girls, into engineering professions and to show parents and teachers that engineering is an aspirational career choice.”

The Tomorrow's Engineers Week, launched on Monday, seeks to inspire more children, girls in particular, to choose GCSEs, A Levels, Apprenticeships, degrees or other vocational pathways that will lead to engineering careers.

According to EngineeringUK, 85 per cent of engineering graduates go on to employment or further study within 6 months of graduating and graduate engineers had the joint third highest median salary in 2010.


The UK’s engineering marvels


1. Player Analysis Technology

An engineering wonder of the sports world, Player Analysis Technology helps drive improvements in training and performance of professional athletes. The data driven technology, developed by several British firms, is also changing the way people watch and enjoy their favourite sports.

2. Lifesaver water bottle

The invention of British engineer Michael Pritchard might at the first sight look just like any ordinary bottle. However, equipped with advanced filters, it is capable of turning contaminated bacteria-ridden water into safe and clean water good for drinking. Manufactured in Colchester, the system is invaluable for humanitarians working in areas stricken with natural disasters.

3. Wind Power

Believed to be capable of reducing the country’s carbon footprint, wind energy has been among the favourites of the surveyed young engineers.

4. 3D films

First pioneered by British inventor William Friese-Greene in the 1890s, 3D films have only found their way into mainstream culture in recent years. However, the technology developed by many companies including London-based The Foundry, is hailed as the new revolution in the cinema.

5. The Eden Project

A leading tourist attraction of Cornwall, the Eden Project is acknowledged for combining award winning design with cutting-edge green technology, reducing the impact of the centre on the environment.

6. London

Engineering and construction feats including the Shard, the Olympic Park or the future Gateway Port, make the UK capital a display of engineering excellence.

7. Electric Cars

From developments in fuel cell technology and the installation of electric car charging points in cities and towns across the country, electric and hybrid cars are fast becoming the future of the automotive industry.

8. Airbus Superjumbo

The giant double-deck A380 is the world's largest commercial aircraft, with capacity to carry up to 825 people on journeys of up to 15,700 km. The award-winning plane supports 100,000 British engineering jobs in Filton, Broughton and Mostyn.

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