A structure nail InTouch device worn by a user to demonstrate touch-based data transfer between gadgets

Transferring files between gadgets with a touch

Finish researchers have developed a technology that enables transferring images or video files between smartphones and tablets by simply touching the screen.

Three miniature devices enabling touch-based transfer of files have been created as a part of the InTouch project of the VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland. A wristband, a tiny thimble or a ring can all be worn by users, allowing them to receive, sent and share files more easily than ever before.

The team believes their invention, relying on near-filed communication systems, could eventually replace memory sticks and short-range point-to-point connections like Bluetooth, making sharing and transferring files much more intuitive and simple.

Eventually, the team hopes, the InTouch gadget could lead to an interactivity revolution enabling sharing files via various objects, including jewellery and the cloud service.

The interactive wristband, ring and nail have all been designed to allow interoperability between various smartphones, tablets or even cars.

Having recently applied for a patent, the team believes the invention could find wide use in manufacturing industry, logistics or healthcare.

While the InTouch device enables direct transferring, it can also use cloud as a middle-step. Integrated security functionality guarantees privacy and secure use.

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