Samsung has filed a patent for a Google-Glass-like device

Samsung working on Google Glass-like gadget

Samsung has filed a patent for a smartphone-connected eyewear gadget, suggesting the company is on track to introduce its version of Google Glass.

Called the sports glasses, the device is said to be able to display information from a handset, play music and receive phone calls through earphones built into the frame.

According to the information available from the Korean Intellectual Property Office, the wearable device can also provide hands-free control over the smartphone.

So far, only one sketch has been released, displaying a thumbnail-sized display over the left eyeglass.

It was not clear from Samsung's sketch and description whether its eyewear would be equipped with a touch control and a camera like Google Glass nor whether it would connect directly to the mobile Internet or would require connection via a smartphone.

The name and the description specify the Samsung product is designed for outdoor activities or sports.

Google is currently testing an early version of Google Glass with 10,000 people in the USA after giving the public a first look at its Internet-connected eyewear in June last year. The early version can take pictures, record videos, navigate maps and works without a smartphone.

Other tech companies are also exploring ways to bring mobile computing to everyday objects such as watches and glasses.

Samsung introduced a smartphone-connected watch called the Galaxy Gear last month. Sony also announced a smart watch.

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